Pervasive Visibility, Effective Cyber Security, Performance Insight


Three integrated technology stacks


Click Networks understands today’s cyber threats and focuses on delivering security solutions that protect your targeted critical assets. Partnering with leading vendors we secure your data, applications, users and infrastructure. Click Networks delivers solutions to increase the effectiveness of security operations, ensuring cyber events are detected, responded to and remediated efficiently.

  • Protect Your Data
  • Secure Your Applications
  • Detect Advanced Network Threats
  • Protect the End Point
  • Optimize Security Operations
  • Vulnerability Management



End-to-end visibility is necessary to both secure and meet the performance expectations of your IT Infrastructure. Having the visibility into data anywhere in the network spanning physical, virtual, cloud and SDN environments requires the right mix of solutions.

  • Passive and In-line copper and optical taps for seamless access to network data
  • Virtual taps for access to east-west traffic within the virtual environment
  • Highly scalable packet brokers to aggregate and optimize traffic for security and network tools



Packet data alone is no longer sufficient nor does it scale in a cost effective manner to get the full picture. It requires a multi prong strategy that may include packet data, meta-data, SNMP metrics and log data. Click Networks has a diverse roster of vendors to deliver.

  • Service Assurance and OSS Automation with Root Cause Analysis
  • Visibility into SDN, Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure
  • Packet Level Analytics
  • Network, Application, Service and Infrastructure Performance
  • Meta-data Generation and Analysis



Click Networks mission is to provide knowledge that enables and delivers effective cyber security and network performance insight empowering customers to evolve and innovate. We know that to be effective people, process and technology must work together.
Our Team of experts deliver enterprise services throughout the process:

  • Advise
  • Architect
  • Implement
  • Manage


Click Networks mission is to provide the knowledge that

Enables and Delivers effective cyber security

and network performance insight.

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