With data rates increasing from 1G to 10G to 100G, the impact of Big Data and IoT, the explosion of new services like Cloud and SDx, evolving cyber security threats plus large scale virtualization, network visibility becomes even more critical to successful business operations. End-to-end visibility is necessary to both secure and meet the performance expectations of your IT Infrastructure.

Click Networks recognizes these wide-ranging requirements and has partnered with the right vendors to meet these challenges. Having the ability to access data anywhere in the network in real-time is a must and requires a mix of devices. Passive and In-Line Copper and Optical Taps, Virtual Taps and Highly Scalable Packet Brokers all play a part in enabling your cyber security and network performance platforms.

Network Taps

Network taps are the bedrock of enabling network visibility. Click can provide a range to meet all needs. Copper and optical taps from 10Mb to 100Gb, bypass taps for deployment of tools that sit in-line such as IPS and firewalls. We also have virtual taps to address the growing desire for visibility to traffic in the virtual environment.

Packet Brokers

With so many points in the network to collect traffic it becomes cost prohibitive to instrument the network with monitoring tools at all these points. Packet brokers are the answer to this dilemma. Not only can they be a point of aggregation for many taps and spans but add many additional features to optimize the traffic that flows to your monitoring tools.

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