Cyber adversaries continue to evolve and exploit IT infrastructure as we transform to enable today’s dynamic digital enterprise. The traditional security perimeter has disappeared with the move to cloud and a mobile workforce. Industry has conceded that compromise must now be assumed. It is critical for organizations to focus on protecting what matters most to their business, and what is important to attackers no matter where the data resides.

Click Networks understands today’s cyber threats and focuses on delivering security solutions that protect your targeted critical assets. Partnering with leading vendors we protect and secure your data, applications, users and infrastructure from attacks. Click Networks optimizes your security operations by delivering solutions to increase your effectiveness, ensuring cyber events are detected, responded to and remediated efficiently.

Cyber Security Solutions

Protect Your Data

Our Data Security solutions address industry regulations, enable secure collaboration and IT transformation initiatives such as cloud adoption, big data analytics and BYOD. Protect your data not only at rest, but also in motion, and in use. A “data-centric” approach for encryption protects data at the point of capture and throughout it’s lifecycle.

Secure Your Applications

Applications are in essence the new perimeter, we can help you build and maintain an end-to-end software assurance program, with testing and protection built in at every stage of the SDLC – from integrations in your development environment to testing and runtime.

Protect the End Point

Prevent malware from executing regardless where it originates, including weaponized Office documents, spear phishing email links and attachments. Our end point solutions provide you with confidence users are protected from system and memory-based attacks, malicious documents, zero-day malware, privilege escalations, scripts and potentially unwanted programs. Analysts are given the evidence required to understand where the threat it came from, who put it there, when it first showed up, and how it got there.

Detect Advanced Network Threats

Detect advanced threats on your network using artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioural traffic analysis to expose the fundamental behaviours of attackers. Relying on network traffic as the source of truth and fidelity during a cyber attack, detect progress as they attempt to spy, spread, and steal or cause damage. Our solutions also deliver comprehensive malware detonation and analysis to quickly analyze suspicious files and URLs, interact with running malware to reveal its complete behaviour, and expose zero-day threats and unknown malware.

Vulnerability Management

Overcome the challenges of addressing your IT infrastructure’s vulnerabilities. Our solutions provide an aggregated view into current, remediated, and trending vulnerability information while matching known exploits and simulating attacks, enables you to focus on the most vulnerable points of your network.

Optimize Security Operations

Address the effectiveness and efficiency of your security operations by implementing our security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, integrate threat intelligence platforms, visualize threat data, and automate incident response.

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