Having an effective visibility architecture is only as good as the platforms and tools deployed to monitor the network. Performance monitoring tools have to evolve to handle the complexities of SDx, IoT, Cloud, large scale virtualization, a massive increase in data plus be able to deliver performance insight into the network as well as the applications and services it supports.

Packet data alone is no longer sufficient nor does it scale in a cost-effective manner to get the whole picture. It requires a diverse strategy that may include packet data, flow data, SNMP metrics and logs as well as a platform to correlate and present these data points in a unified manner. We have partnered with the right vendors to deliver these capabilities.

Unified Network Management and Service Assurance

Having a platform that combines multiple network management functions such as Fault, Configuration and Performance as well as being able to provide service assurance and visibility into today’s heterogenous networks can be a competitive advantage. Having a single pane of glass for network, application and server teams can dramatically improve MTTR and overall network performance.

Application Performance Monitoring

Detecting that an application is running slow or is unavailable is not good enough. Network operations teams need to be able to detect and pinpoint application issues before the end-user experience is compromised. Monitoring server response times against established baseline behaviour is just one way we enable proactive Application Performance Monitoring.

Flow Analysis

Packet data is a great solution for network troubleshooting but does not always provide the complete picture. Augmenting packet data with flow data now provides the “who” and the “where” and can enable analysts to solve problems faster as well as providing a rich source of information for the business.

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