GC Cloud Solutions

The Canadian Government continues to accelerate digital transformation under the “Cloud-First” strategy, encouraging the use of public and private cloud to deliver IT services.  While public and private organizations are eager to modernize their applications and migrate workloads, they face a set of common challenges including:

  • How to assess which applications will provide the most business value when modernized;
  • How to identify technology risk and understand which applications are the easiest and most difficult to transform;
  • How to assess readiness and understand which applications should be refactored, replatformed, rehosted, repurchased, retained or retired.

Organizations also must consider the associated security risks in moving to the cloud:

  • How to track and monitor cloud infrastructure;
  • How to ensure cloud infrastructure is compliant with Federal and industry frameworks (ex. Cloud Guardrails, ITSG-33, CIS);
  • How to enable DevSecOps and secure containers and serverless infrastructure in the cloud;
  • How to apply threat prevention consistently, in dynamic and scalable cloud environments.


Click Networks’ skilled and experienced professionals use a proven approach, standardized processes and effective tools to help clients modernize and migrate their applications to the cloud.
Our Team’s cyber security experts ensure organizations implement continuous compliance and monitoring of the appropriate guard rails, security controls and secure configurations across complex multi-cloud environments.
Discovery Solutions

  • Application Discovery
  • Data Discovery
  • Migration Planning
  • Application Performance
  • Baselining
Security Solutions

  • Migration Tools
  • CASB
  • Data Security
  • Application Security
  • Threat Prevention
Management Solutions

  • End User Experience Monitoring
  • Cloud Security Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Security Monitoring

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